Celebrations for Charity

Celebrations for Charity
Celebrations for Charity is our agency's fundraising arm, supporting a number of charitable causes.
The goal of Celebrations for Charity is to organize a variety of travel experiences that appeal to a wide range of clients, giving them not only the opportunity to enjoy their travels, but also to help out a humanitarian cause in the process.
Celebrations for Charity projects can include tours, cruises, and other opportunities for group travel.

About Travel Fundraising
Celebrations International Travel can help you raise funds for any organization or cause you're passionate about.  Several of our travel suppliers have programs that are specifically designed to accommodate groups and organizations who wish to raise funds through their travels.
We welcome individuals, families, businesses, and organizations nationwide to contact us with ideas or questions.  We look forward to helping you raise money for the causes that are important to you, while enjoying a great trip at the same time!

About orphanCare International
Celebrations International Travel is committed to charitable fundraising for orphanCare International, the humanitarian aid program of Dillon International, Inc., that provides food, medicine, life-saving surgeries, clothing and education for orphaned children in six countries.  We are proud to be able to contribute to an organization that means so much to us and many of our clients.

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