Update from Disney Hotels

Here's a short video highlighting the changes you'll see during your next stay at a Walt Disney World hotel, post Covid-19.




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What You Need to Know About Getting An Arizona Travel ID

Hello AZ Travelers!  

You may have heard for some time now that your driver's license may soon no longer be accepted as a valid form of ID for air travel.  The AZ DOT has just released this video aimed at informing travelers how you can obtain a travel-ready ID ahead of the October 1, 2020 enforcement of the new requirement:  


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Making the Most of Your Spa Day

Enjoy this short video by Palace Resorts in which they share tips on how to make the most of your spa day.  When was the last time you treated yourself to a relaxing day like this?


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Princess Cruises' New Sabatini's Italian Trattoria

Experience an inspiring new menu featuring fresh handmade pasta designed by acclaimed Chef Angelo Auriana, plus treasured recipes curated by our family of Italian chefs. Available exclusively at Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria onboard select Princess ships.


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Creative Ideas for Souvenirs

Enjoy this latest post by guest blogger and photographer Kelli Thomas

Now that you are on your journey, what should you bring back?

Princess Cruises: Come Back New

I wanted to share this new video from Princess Cruises.  I've had my agency for 12 years, and even now, seeing footage like this (so varied, so much to see) reminds of what an amazing place the world truly is.  

Enjoy, and cruise on!


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How to Make your Vacation Photos Better & More Memorable

This is the first blog post by my guest blogger, photographer Kelli Thomas.  Try out some of her suggestions, and bring back some great vacation photos to share with us!
  • Background!!!!  Nothing ruins a photo like a power pole appearing to be someone's new hat.
  • If it's windy (travel to Chicago or San Francisco) have the subject face the wind.

Introducing Photographer Kelli Thomas

I'd like to introduce my friend Kelli Thomas, owner of Kelli Thomas Photography.  Kelli and her husband recently moved to the Phoenix area, and I am pleased to announce that my agency, Celebrations International Travel, will be partnering with her in a number of ways.  

Introducing Kauai Coffee Company

Here's a video tour of Kauai Coffee Company's farm. 

We visited this past December and were amazed at the variety of plants they have.  In addition to coffee, they had greenhouses full of Norfolk Island Pines (perfect for use as little Christmas trees!) and all sorts of native plants as well. 

The self-guided tour is a wonderful walk out on the open land; something we really enjoyed.  


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